Editing WordPress Pages


Here’s your login url


I’ll send you your special login username and password.

After logining in you’ll see your site dashboard. Its the center of your website.

Here you’ll see how many page you have or posts. Right now i only use pages for your site. Then there’s the ability to add comments to the pages and you would see if you had any comments.

This show you what theme your using, and how many widgets. Widget are like sections in your sidebar. You have one sidebar that uses 3 widgets, one lists your pages, one that has your twitter icons and one that has your counter. These things are easy to change order or to add more. (Like the subscribe widget)

This is your counter statics. You can see at a glance the number of hits how many people are online right now, etc. If you click on the >> It will bring you to your elaborate stat page.

Ok now the pages navigation menu on the left is where your going to be able to update your pages. Either click on Pages or edit under pages. It will bring you to a full list of your pages.

This here’s your page list.

When you hover over a page a submenu containing edit – quick edit – trash and view pop up. Most of self explanatory edit is to edit the page. A quick edit lets you quickly rename the page. Trash will delete it forever!!!!!!!!!! lol And View will let you see what page it is on the site.

This is basically what a page looks like when you go to edit it.

This is the part of the page where you make corrections or add texts and pictures. It’s a WYSIWYG editor.

This are the little cheat buttons that will help unless you want to manually edit each page using pure html codes. It looks kinda like word.

This align texts left, right and center.

This make texts bold, italic or strike through. Or adding a bulleted or numbered list.

Here’s the tab to click between visual the WYSIWYG to raw html. Sometimes it’s easier to update things in a 2nd party html software like dreamweaver and paste into the page.

This is your youtube button when you click on this a little pop up appears and you enter the youtube url of your cat movie click ok and it will insert the proper tags and insert your movie.

This is your add an image button. When you click on it a pop up window will appear. You will need to select somewhere for the image to go in your page by just putting your cursor somewhere inside the edit area.

Like this it’s kinda like facebook click on select files and it will pop up your local directory pick threw your files to find the right picture. Select ok and it will automatically upload and make thumbnails for you.

This gives you basic information about the picture, size name. You can manually add a name and alternative text and descriptions.  It’s important to check to see which radio button is check because that the size of picture you’ll get. With the size of the picture i uploaded i have the choice of either the thumbnail, medium or full. You can also go back and change the size if it’s not right. But its always easier to get it right first.

This is where you link your picture to either it’s full size version, nothing or just the page where it sits.

To add the image in your post you have to select insert into post button.

And to save any of the changes you’ve made you need to click on update. The page will refresh and it will say on the top page has been updated. WordPress has a safety feature where it will save auto drafts of what your working on but like word and everything else sometime there not that reliable its always better to save often!

So otherwise there’s the galleries and the events which i’ll have to do a quick right up for that.

Any questions let me know.

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